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"Rita Recovery House", Nome
Last day of Framing
"Rita's Wrath!"
Ready for Rain
"Rita's Wrath!"
Patio #34 BEFORE
Patio #34 AFTER
Hurricane Damage #18 BEFORE
Hurricane Damage #18 AFTER
"Rita's Wrath!"
"Rita's Wrath!"
Ready for Rain
Garage Door #33 BEFORE
Garage Door #33 AFTER
"Rita's Wrath!"
Ranch Bunkhouse Kitchen
 Garage Organization
"Rita's Wrath!"
"Rita's Wrath!"
From the bottom up
All the way to the top
12 x 30 Patio Cover
Specialized Construction
Beaumont, Texas
Residential Services

Structural and finish carpentry
Complete exterior and interior framing
Door, Trim, Cabinetry and Shelving/Storage Installation
Storm Damage Repair

Drywall & Painting 
Drywall repair, installation, finishing and texturing
Exterior and interior preparation and painting

Project planning, permitting compliance and bonding
Assistance in planning of all phases of construction
Permitting of planned work with governing agencies
Bid and Performance Bonds when required
Compliance with Historical, Homeowners Association, Windstorm and Flood Regulations and Covenants
Starting at the Bottom!
Kitchen / Breakroom Facelift
Contact:  Jack Seeley 409-718-0036 or specconst@aol.com