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Marine Carpentry (Dock Repairs)

Solutions for unique maintenance and repair problems

Dock timber, Fender and Bull Rail Replacement
Piling and bracing repairs
Dock concrete repair/refurbishment

We have designed and built unique templates, portable vertical and horizontal drill presses, and material handling devices to accurately and safely place heavy timbers

Precision rolled heavy duty clamps can be installed on timber piling to stop and/or reverse splitting.

Water/air tight piling wrappers applied to timber piling to stop surface deterioration.

Stabilizing timber cross braces custom fitted as replacements or additions. 

Composite piling joint stabilization repairs and improvements
Compliments of Hurricane Rita
Port of Orange Fender Replacement
Composite Pile Repair (finish)
Composite Pile Repair (start)
Timber & Crosstimber repair
Air Tight Wrapper
Piling Clamps
   Piling Encapsulation
Broken pile extension Completed
Broken pile extension preparation
Split pile "collaring"
Beam repair
Face Timber (Fender) Replacement
Hurricane Damage Colliers Ferry Park
Specialized Construction
Beaumont, Texas
Contact: Jack Seeley 409-718-0036 or specconst@aol.com