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Since 2002, we have provided exceptional service to a wide variety of clients including Real Estate Agents, Residential Property Owners, Commercial Property Owners, and most recently, Industrial Property Owners.

Our goal is to create, repair, maintain or improve real property by making the best use of resources available. We pride ourselves in innovative solutions to unique problems, as well as ordinary solutions to ordinary problems, such as maintenance, upgrading and damage repairs. Hurricanes in 2005 (Rita) and 2008 (Ike) have  challenged our ingenuity, increased our expertise and resourcefulness and expanded our thinking to sometimes "outside the box". The varied backgrounds of our key people has enabled us to successfully complete a wide variety of  routine and unique projects.

Our employees hold badges for ISTC (Safety Training) and TWIC (Transportation Workers Identification Credentials). Additional Site Specific Training is available when required. 

We maintain Workers' Compensation Insurance and Liability Insurance required by our Commercial Customers
 Dedicated to Helping Southeast Texas Property Owners Maintain and Improve Value
Specialized Construction
Beaumont, Texas
Contact: Jack Seeley 409 718-0036 or specconst@aol.com